Solar water heaters seem to be the new black in terms of energy, more and more people in Australia are starting to install them in their houses or buildings, if you are not part of this trend yet, you may not know the benefits of it.

Here at Tempco Energy Solutions, solar water heating systems are one of our specialities, let us tell you 5 benefits that this product could bring to your life:

Solar energy is and always will be free

As you can imagine, solar water heaters are powered by the sun, and this is a great advantage. Although oil prices have been going down for quite some time in the international markets, it’s only a matter of time until they start rising again, also your gas bills are also rising.

But solar energy doesn’t have an international price, it’s completely free and it will always be free, this means you will be able to save a lot of money on your energy bills, because you will only ever pay once for a solar water heater when you buy it and install it in your house (and occasionally for repair and maintenance).

They don’t use as much space as you would imagine.

When people talk about solar energy, you probably imagine a roof full of solar panels, but solar water heaters don’t use as much space as the solar panels that are used for generating electricity, and they are much better looking.

Energy efficiency.

A solar water heating system is extremely efficient, approximately 80% of the solar energy received is turned into heating energy, and this means you will always have hot water at your disposal.

They work in cloudy weather

Some people say this kind of technology is completely useless during cloudy or rainy days, but that’s a myth, of course they do their best work when they have abundant sunlight, but during cloudy days they keep heating water, and some systems even include a special water reservoir, that will guarantee you will have hot water even in overcast days.

You will save tremendous amounts of money

As you can imagine, this is the main benefit of solar hot water systems, after you have installed it, your energy bill will decrease dramatically, saving you a lot of money during the year.

If you still have some doubts or questions about solar hot water systems, give us a call and one of our specialists will get in touch with you!

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