Grid Connected PV Solar

Grid Connected PV Solar is like having a electricity generator on your roof.

When the PV solar is sized correctly and working it provides all of your appliances and the house with power while the sun shines. At times when there is not enough power being generated the balance will come in from the grid, it is automatic and seamless.

Occasionally the PV Solar will make too much power and the extra power is pushed out to the grid via your meter box which is recorded and credited against your power bill. This is the most cost effective forms of PV solar as the infrastructure is low and costs are stabilising. Government grants still apply for now and energy distributors are finding a competitive market in feed in tariffs so this is good news for consumers.

  • Create and use your own power.
  • Quality equipment has never been more affordable
  • Minimise your power bill and gain some independence from your energy provider.
  • Maintain a secure lifestyle knowing that your expenses are consistently reduced.
  • You use much less electricity and you only pay for what you use.

WINAICO offers an industry-leading 25 year product warranty

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