Grid Connected Solar PV with Storage

Grid-connected storage allows excess solar PV energy to be stored for use in the evening

Commonly referred to as “Self Use” as you use the stored energy; this combines a PV solar system, batteries and an intelligent management system to operate the separate components as one. The PV Solar system powers the house as usual during the day sending the extra electricity to the batteries and the excess to the grid. Self-consumption dramatically decreases the amount of power purchased from the grid.

While these systems are superbly efficient the cost of battery is still quite high but coming down all the time. There are retro fit solutions available so you can go with Grid Connected Solar PV now and install storage later on when you have more equity in the system and the price of batteries has dropped to a more reasonable level.

  • Generate and use your own power.
  • Save, save, save on power bills
  • Peak shave – use battery power during the day instead of using peak grid power tariffs
  • Retro fit solutions – keep your existing solar PV system and add batteries and management later.
  • Gain independence from the grid supply – staying connected so they can pay you!

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