Energy Solution Products

Tempco FRH Energy Solutions can provide a number of cost effective, heating, cooling & solar options.

Our focus is on the supply and installation of energy efficient options for your new home or to retrofit your current home with cost effective and useful products to heat, cool and power your home.

Heating and Cooling

  • Gas central ducted systems. Brivis and Rinnai offer up to date technologies and the latest energy efficient and intelligent operating systems which are easy to use and economical to run. Environmentally friendly on Natural Gas they can heat your complete home or just a couple of rooms. Contact us for more details.
  • Flued gas heaters. The Rinnai range of Flued Gas heaters are very fuel efficient and able to heat your living areas and smaller bedrooms and studies with ease. They are ergonomically designed with the end user in mind, available with timers to turn on and off and multiple fan settings they are the perfect companion on a cold winter night or early morning start. Being flued they don’t burn the oxygen in the room or emit any exhaust gasses causing condensation or stinging eyes etc. etc. Contact us for more details.
  • Gas flame fireplaces. When the temperature drops, nothing appeals more than a cosy fire, modern gas fires suit a wide range of applications and offer up everything you love about having an open fire, without all the hassle that goes with it. Rinnai have the most comprehensive and elegantly designed gas fire places in the market. Designed with installation flexibility in mind. They can easily fit into new homes or existing fireplaces and replace old heaters. Contemporary and efficient. The new LS range are feature packed and a simply joy to behold. Features include, 5 Star gas efficiency, frameless design facia, and available in single and double sided systems. All with realistic flames and burning media. You will really warm up to the Rinnai LS range of gas flame fires. The 650 & 750 range are equally as good and specifically good at the replacement for existing fireplaces the compact design and easy installation make them an easy choice. The Sapphire range is flexible and elegant with many options on the facia and available in freestanding or built in they are perfect as a replacement for an old wood heater or existing fireplace. They are contemporarily styled or you can have classic old world charm. Contact us for more details.
  • Solar heating. Ecoheat is an innovative and ingenious solar air heating system. Powered by the sun’s thermal energy. It is like bringing the sun indoors and is simply the most pure form of passive heating. It’s the clever solar air heating system you’ve been looking for. This technology harvests the sun’s energy through solar collector panels that are mounted on your roof. This natural energy is transported straight to your home as fresh, warm air. And it’s flexible, in summer, Ecoheat acts as a ventilation system providing fresh, cool air during the evening. Ecoheat works as a standalone system in mild climates, and supplements conventional set-ups in more temperate climates. Contact us for more details.
  • Reverse cycle air conditioning. Living in the Southern Highlands, we have a diverse climate – a mild summer and a cold winter. And if you’re like the majority of people, here you’ll feel the cold, especially at night even through your winter woollies. This is why the words, ‘reverse cycle air conditioner’ is music to your ears! What is a reverse cycle air conditioning system and why would you consider installing one? Basically, they are flexible, a reverse cycle air conditioner is used to cool your home in summer, and warm your home in winter, all with one energy-efficient unit. Brilliant and simple, it’s the most efficient way to heat your home using electricity. A reverse cycle air conditioner is quite different to conventional gas or portable electric heaters. Conventional heaters have to ‘generate’ heat energy, while a reverse cycle system ‘absorbs’ heat from the outdoor air to warm the air inside, which is way more energy efficient.

Specialization in Heating, Cooling, Solar & Hot Water Solutions in the Southern Highlands, Goulburn and Surrounding Areas

In heating mode, the unit works in the opposite way to cooling, it attracts heat in from the outside air before distributing it into the home. Technically, a refrigerant gas is passed through an external coil, absorbing heat from the outside air. This refrigerant is then pumped through a compressor into a fan coil unit inside the home, releasing heat into the home. It can perform this function even in freezing conditions up to minus 15ºC, your reverse cycle air conditioner can still heat your home.

Cool in summer. With a flick of the switch, your reverse cycle air conditioner is now in cooling mode. Using a super-energy efficient system, it will absorb heat from the inside air and dispel it outside, cooling your home. Modern technology means your air conditioning unit can work in temperatures as high as 45ºC. This is a system made for our climate.

They’re extremely efficient in terms of energy use, for example, for every one kW of electricity used, they will generate three + kW of equivalent heating or cooling.

They’re adaptable and flexible: Modern reverse cycle air conditioning units come with thermostats and inverter technology. This means they’re able to modulate to the conditions and temperature of the room. Inverter technology delivers the most energy efficient way to heat and cool your home using electricity. Inverter technology is variable, adjusting power to reach the temperature desired faster, then maintaining it without fluctuations.

They help clean the air as well. Many systems have a built in air- filters that trap fine airborne particles, cleaning the air inside your home. Some even eliminate odours. Another incredible advantage to choosing a reverse cycle air conditioner is these systems typically produce one third the greenhouse gas emissions compared to a standard electric heater. Some reverse cycle units such as Daikin’s US7 split system will actually produce less than one fifth of the emissions of a conventional electric heater. Less greenhouse gas emissions means a happier planet. Heating, cooling, comfort, clean air, efficiency and flexibility all year round make them the smart choice. Contact us for more details.

Electric Panel Heaters

Electric Panel Heaters are simple solution for effective heating. These heaters have been designed to provide heat for bedrooms and small living areas. Feature packed with a 24 hour timer. They have a perforated casing design to disperse air evenly. • Wall mounted or portable. All heaters have the option of wall brackets or free standing castors. • Thermostatically controlled – set and forget at your favourite temperature • Overheat protection for added safety. • Programmable 24hr timer – use the delay timer function so you never forget to turn off the heater again. • Light weight for easy install. • Ideal for bedrooms or small living spaces. • Slimline design with silent operation. • 7 year warranty. Contact us for more details

Specialization in Heating, Cooling, Solar & Hot Water Solutions in the Southern Highlands, Goulburn and Surrounding Areas


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