Ducted Gas Heating With Add On Cooling (Duel Comfort™)

Brivis Ducted Gas – With add on cooling - DualComfort™

The Brivis dual comfort system combines ducted gas heating with refrigerative Inverter cooling to provide superior whole home heating and cooling at an affordable rate. You can maximise energy savings all year round on both heating and cooling.

The system utilises common ductwork reticulation. The heating and cooling can be zoned and you have the ability for whole of home heating, which is generally not provided by Ducted Reverse Cycle systems.

The Brivis Dual Comfort integrated system combines the best form of heating and the best form of cooling. This system is the ultimate alternative to all-electric Ducted Reverse Cycle systems.

The Dual Comfort solution combines a Star Pro 6 star series gas ducted heater with a Brivis ICE Inverter and a Networker (NC6) controller.

Combining Ducted Gas Heating with refrigerative cooling provides a whole home climate control solution without excess additional infrastructure. It’s all in one.

This system unites the best form of heating and the best form of cooling. It can be zoned, make the most of common ductwork and allows you to maintain your preferred level of comfort all year round.

The reverse cycle heating capacity of an Air Conditioning system reduces and works less efficiently when outside temperatures drop below zero. The heat output and efficiency of a Ducted Gas heater is not obstructed by ambient air temperature and remains consistent to the set temperature you dial in on the thermostat.

With the DualComfort™ heating and cooling solutions you can install both the gas heating and refrigerated cooling at the same time, or install just the heating unit first, ready for the retrofitting the cooling, this can be added in at a later date. It’s simple. Ask us about being Brivis ICE™ ready.


  • ZonePlus™ compatible (StarPro heaters only)
  • Advanced control options
  • Australian designed, locally made for more than 50 years
  • Brivis ICE™ Add-On refrigerated cooling system
  • Electronic ignition and integrated diagnostics
  • Duct work installation flexibility (under floor or in roof space)
  • Heating and cooling from the one controller

Complete comfort control, Introducing Brivis Zoning Solutions*

For outstanding individual comfort, control and energy management, ZonePlus™ allows you to have up to four individually controlled zones, each with their own time and temperature settings.**

For total flexibility, you can upgrade as many Brivis Temperature Sensors to Brivis NC6 or Touch controllers allowing you to fully control, program and manage each zone – eliminating the need for you to go back to a Master controller. Adjust temperatures for each zone as it suits you from any controller in the home. Perfect comfort, absolute control. ZonePlus™ works in unison with any Brivis StarPro Ducted Gas Heater with 4, 5 and 6 star efficiencies.

Allows heating or cooling to be used with one or more Brivis controllers, operating a common zone, as well as up to four additional zones, e.g. lounge room, bedrooms, kitchen/dining etc. A Brivis NC6 or Touch can simply turn zones on or off to manage only those areas you are using.

Reduce your energy costs Switching off unused zones not only helps reach your set temperature faster, but will also save you lots on your energy bill. Adjusting your comfort levels moderately can also make big changes to your energy bill.

Get more comfortable quicker with the option of Brivis controllers in every zone, you no longer need to rely on one central controller managing your entire home. Controlling your climate is only ever a few steps away. How convenient is that?

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