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For the customer who wants lots of hot water or a little, these systems provide efficient highly cost effective supply of reliable steaming hot water.

– Replacing your old hot water system?

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We can tailor the hot water system so that is right for you. Our priority is to save you money, now and into the future using the best energy saving technologies and products available. Solar water heating utilises a clean, inexhaustible supply of energy that helps to significantly reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Electricity in Australia is predominantly generated using non-renewable energy coal fired power stations. Unfortunately as well as electricity they also produce carbon dioxide emissions, ash, particles and waste heat, all the while consuming vast quantities of water and non-renewable coal.

Solar hot water systems reduce the need for electricity to be generated and are part of many major energy reduction programs. Installing a solar hot water system will reduce your electricity usage by up to 80% and your carbon foot print will be minimised and that’s good for everyone.

Evacuated tube solar hot water systems

Evacuated tube solar hot water systems are available in electric or gas with long life vitreous enamel carbon steel or stainless steel storage tanks coupled to an evacuated tube collector manifold consisting of a number of specially designed solar tube collector mounted on the roof of your home that absorbs the heat energy from the sun and transfers that energy to the storage tank on the ground. This modern technology is ideal and elegant. The evacuated solar tube collector acts as a passive solar tracking system , the evacuated tubes being round, the sun’s rays saturate the evacuated tube throughout the day, early morning to late afternoon absorbing the heat energy from the sun all day and transferring that energy as heated water to the storage tank. The amount of evacuated tubes required and the size of the storage tank is tailored to your requirements they are available in a range of sizes to suit every family, small, large or anywhere in between.

Benefits of Solar hot water:

  • Low visual impact
  • Easy installation on the roof
  • Weight on your roof is kept to a minimum
  • Storage tanks can be installed internally or externally
  • Huge reduction in Energy to heat the water in your home
  • Superb high efficiency evacuated tubes with frost protection down to -12° C
  • Lightweight roof mounted components for ease of installation
  • Available with a stainless steel or vitreous enamel carbon steel tank
  • Ground level tank minimises the impact on the aesthetics of your roof
  • Option of a gas or electric booster for those cloudy days
  • Evacuated tubes and storage tank do not need to be installed at the same time (perfect for new homes or major renovations) the tanks and tubes are available separately.

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