Heat Pump Hot Water

Using a Heatpump hot water system

With over a million homes already using solar in Australia the amount of excess energy going back to the grid is enormous. This energy can be put to better use. The standard rate of supply changes from region to region but the one thing that remains constant is the fact that it is always going up, not down. Export energy pricing is not stable many parts of NSW and is anywhere between 6c and 21c p/kWh, why export? It’s not worth it.


If you have PV solar panels on the roof already and you are exporting over 350kWh per quarter to the grid on average. Install a Heatpump hot water system. Your energy bills gas and electric will improve.

Example, Joe and Martha a newly retired couple have just downsized from a large family home to a smaller three bedroom cottage. The house has a gas storage 135 litre and gas cooktop. They use air conditioning for heating and cooling. They are on the conservative side and use about 15-18 kWh per day of electricity. Their gas bills vary from $200.00 in summer to $700.00 in winter.  If we install a 2-3kW PV system we can cut their power bill by 30-40% (their daytime use of power) this still leaves 2-3 kWh of electricity exported at little to no value. Take out the gas storage 135 litre and replace it with a 300 litre Heatpump which uses that 2-3kWh of energy per day to heat water.  They eliminate 75% of their gas bill and 40% of their power bill. The return on investment is reached much sooner as you have 100% of the renewable energy used at the maximum return. An elegant and logical solution.

The bottom line: instead of paying around $1450.00 per year for gas to heat water, someone with a medium rooftop solar system can use their excess electricity, which their retailer values as little as $84.00 per year. The result is that the homeowner has all the hot water they want and they are $1450.00 per year better off.


Have over 40 years of experience in manufacturing heat pump technology. STIEBEL ELTRON began developing heat pump technology in 1976. The STIEBEL ELTRON WWK Hot Water Heat Pump has proven itself to be one of the most efficient and capable hot water heat pump on the market. Environmentally friendly, efficient and proven energy cost savings make this a great choice. The WWK hot water heat pump technology has been tested locally and globally and extensively in Germany for over forty years to ensure consumers receive real energy, environmental and money savings.

The WWK air sourced hot water pump range provides energy efficient hot water all year round due to its advanced design. Hot water energy use can be reduced by up to 70% compared to conventional immersion element type hot water electric systems in Australia. Their heat pumps are extremely versatile, they can be installed indoors and outdoors and work well in the lower Southern Highlands temperatures.

RINNAI Heat Pumps

Designed and manufactured here in Australia, the Rinnai Enviroflo range of Electric Integrated Heat Pump hot water systems. They are available in a range of capacity sizes, and can be equipped with Magnesium or Aluminium hard water anodes to maintain corrosion prevention internally. The Rinnai Enviroflo has a single element boost that allows the hot water system to be used in higher demand applications and cold ambient conditions; you will enjoy hot water all year round. Built locally to the tough Australian conditions, these tanks have been tested and designed to operate with mains water pressure.

Reclaim Heat Pump

The Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System uses leading up to date technology to draw energy in from the atmosphere and use it to make hot water. Ozone friendly refrigerant (CO2) absorbs the heat energy, which then via a compressor, it gets converter into a high temperature gas. This then passes through a condenser and a heat exchanger heating the water and storing it in the insulated hot water tank for later use. No backup booster is required.

The Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System requires far less electricity to heat water than a conventional hot water system. In fact, these systems will save up to 80%* of hot water energy costs, annually.

The Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System has an average COP of 5 which means that for 1 kW of electric input, it generates about 5 kW thermal output. As electricity prices continue to rise year after year, a Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System becomes the, most financially sustainable option available in today’s market. Well worth a look.

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