A memorable solution from the 1980’s

If you were to ask our General Manager, Peter Mills about memorable projects he has undertaken during his 40 year career, he would no doubt recall a challenging air conditioning installation from the mid 1980’s, undertaken on the foreshore of Sydney Harbour’s Elizabeth Bay.

Peter was reminded of this project recently when the Sunday Telegraph published an article, New South Wales’ Top 50 homes, in a celebration of the inspirational architecture showcased in our most desirable residential addresses.

In the number One spot, the winner was the Boomerang propertyvalued at over $60M (2016).

Back in the mid 1980’s, it was this iconic harbour side residence which was to have its air conditioning system upgraded and Tempco GM, Peter, was in charge of designing, engineering and installing the new system.

What made the project particularly memorable were the challenges faced by Peter and the team during the installation phase. Normally, a crane could be used to lift the heavy condensing units into place, yet due to constrictions posed by the building’s architecture, the harbour itself and a lack of vehicular access, it became obvious that cranes could not be used and that Peter would need to find a creative way to overcome the problem.

His solution? A helicopter.

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